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Yoga of Energy-Kundalini

Yoga of Energy-Kundalini Work is also known as the Science of Tantra. Tantra is another term for Yoga, which means to “unite and weave” the polar forces of energy (positive-male and negative-female.) These polarized forces of energy exist within every being, and when united lead to higher states of health, vibration, and consciousness.

Kemetic tantra is a new term using the Ancient Indian term tantra to describe similar Life-Force Energy knowledge, teachings, and practices of ancient kemet. This was done because the term for “tantra” has become recognized in the West, althought not understood by most.

Below is the Caducus of Tehuti, which has been appropriated as the medical system symbol. It shows the “weaving of polarized energy” into a great singular awakening. This represents the awakening.

The Weaving of Polarized Energy into One

images1: The Centeral Shaft represents the Spine. The two serpents folding into one another represent the “weaving” of the polarized Life-force energy forces within ones own body.  As they unite, move up the spine, they heal, regenerate, and awaken the glands (Sefech Ba Ra energy center, Chakras) of the body-mind. They finally culminate in a state of complete oneness at the top of the head, bestowing higher states of consciousness as well as life, vitality, and health.

The Caducus Symbol is also represented by the Kemetic Images below. Goddesses Auset and Nebthet represents the two polar energys, similar to Ida and Pingala in the Indian Tantric System.

chakras4 chakras3

All forms of Religion and Spirituality were originally Tantra systems

Tantra influenced all ancient forms of religious-spiritual expression; all religious-yoga systems are traditionally Tantra systems. Imagine our ancient ancestors living in an untouched beautiful natural world. This world could provide much frustration in the form of bugs, competition with nature for food, and so forth.

The original aim of religion-yoga was to transform human sensory experience from a frustrated existence to a beautiful harmonious state of living in a natural sensory world; enjoying the colors of life, the taste of fruits, the beauty of people and animals, and so forth. We become gods and goddesses within a beautiful natural universe.

What is Tantra

Tantra is the body of philosophy and practices based on the principle that the universe we experience through the body and senses are a manifestation of the inner essence within each being. This body of Tantric philosophy and practices is based on vibrational energy and practices which seek to ritually appropriate and channel our Life-force energy in creative and emancipatory ways.

Tantra is the spiritual-sexual practices, imparted by a system of ancestral knowledge, that teach the tantra practioners the knowledge of energy and life-force energy use in order to promote above average life, vitality, and health within the individual and create a state of harmony and enlightenment. Tantra can include spiritual practices which consciously use sensual and sexual stimulation, in order to awaken ones life-force energy ( Sekhem, Kundalini, Chi, serpent power) and direct it to unite internally and rise up the spine. This is the most powerful practice to enlighten the mind to ones true nature.

Sexuality In Ancient Kemet

To the kemetic people, and all African people, sex was seen as more than a reproductive habit but as a pairing-bonding habit. Sex was regulated through cultural norms which taught that sex should be done privatley from the public and one should in public again after they have bathed. The sexual cultural norms were used for a sex-Ed understanding that taught healthy, hygienic, sexual practices.

In kemet the nude body was not to be shunned or hidden. Kemetic clothing did not cover women breasts and clothes at times were see through. Men were encouraged to be erect in times of ritual practice in order to strengthen their spiritual communion with the divine.

Sexuality in kemet was not seen as a sin, sacrilege, or something to hold back from healthy and proper use. Sex was seen as a spiritual act between a person and the divine, and a pairing-bonding act in which human beings came together instinctually and intellectually to reproduce and build human communal existence which espouses civilization.

Human communal interaction is all based on the sexual unity or disunity of the people within a specific area. When human sexuality crosses lines of class, status, creed, or ideals, new human brain synaps are born out of new and complex human social situations and this energy is enhanced through sexual interaction.

Sexual acts that were not intercourse-mating, all the pairing-bonding sexual acts, crossed lines of age, gender, as well as use. Pairing-bonding sexual acts refer to when people experience shared sensuality, and does not neccesarily mean sexuality. Pairing bonding experiences could be expressed in kemet between non-married and non-mating people of any age, gender, etc.

In kemetic civilization there was more cultural guidelines and roles for intercourse-mating, than there was for pairing-bonding. Young people were allowed to express themselves sexually and would receive guidence and insight from those around them. Boys and girls lived together and could touch and explore each others body’s. This was promoted by body art, partial nudity, etc.

It was all a way to make flourish human sexual energy which was known to be a force for civilization or destruction.This is why on the onset of puberty childhood co-Ed living waste changed for the segregated male and female roles and sleepin areas. This was also why pubescent young adults were taught about sex, reproduction, and the sexual teachings. This could be teachings on the genitals, the other gender, sexual acts and positions, what acts were deemed healthy and what were deemed unhealthy, relationships, gender roles and adulthood, etc.

These teachings would involve teachings of sexual-control and sex sublimination. The youth were taught the sublime respectful form of pairing-bonding sexual acts which were based on communication, sharing, and redirection of the body energy. Sex in kemet was seen as a form of mutual worship, a yogic practice of spiritual union.

At puberty kemetic men and women were given the teachings of their gender in initiation and coming of age rights. This was based in the teachings of sexual control which allowed intercourse-mating to begin to occur amongst young adults  without violence and communal strife (Asar and set fight for aset) . This harmony of the sexual expression and proper civilization brings forth Heru or the Divine offspring and Ressurected Divine-Consciousness.

It’s important to realize that all of daily and normal human actions of the kemetic people were based on the teachings in the form of ritual and spiritual truths, this is true over all of Africa.

The Kemetic Teachings of: Tantra

The processes of Spiritual Union and rebirth are best symbolized through sexual metaphors. Tantra is a form of Yoga that seeks to re-unite the individual and the absolute reality, this is the metaphysical teaching taught through the imagery of male and female.

In Tantra the Male energy represents the “Giving” of life-force and the “Giving” movement of energy ( Ra, Amun, Geb, Asar, Heru.) The Female represents the “ Receiving” of life-force and the expansion of Life-Force energy ( Nut, Aset, Nebthet, Heteru,). This is the basic nature of creation, the giving and receiving principles, which manifest as male and female, duality.

At the mundane level undeveloped sexual union means physical union between male and female; at the spiritual level it means a spiritual union between ones Soul and Higher Nature (Yoga.) This is what Spiritual Union through Tantra is about. A Smai Tawi Nefer (Beautiful) union. This is done through the worship, propititation of the Ntru ( all of creation, every part of life,) as an expression of the Ntr.

A Spiritual Union creates a psycho-spiritual union between the micro and macro reality of ones existence, and this is usually felt as a joyful, mentally expanding, and liberation experience that allows one life to come into profound harmony. The Tantra yoga path is said to be the only practice that bestows high levels of pleasure and spiritual ascension and enlightenment for a practioner at the same time.

The most obvious and important teaching that nature holds is the idea of duality or the opposites in creation; up-down, here-there, you-me, hot-cold, male-female, ying-yang, etc. The interaction of these two complementary forces is what we call Life and Movement. Through devotion and Insight (wisdom) into the true nature of reality, we are able to re-unite the male and female principles in our bodies and minds.

The life-force energy, instead of being separated and dual, becomes unified and whole, and rises up our subtle spine and carries consciousness with it. Do this by seeing the underlying unity of opposites, and regarding all things as an interaction between the male and female entities (Ntru) emanating from the Ntr.

The Ntru are shown as men and women and at times androgynous beings. The teaching of the Ntru as humans and animals, allows the aspirant to understand the function and purpose of the multiplicity within life. The Ntru make up the beings of creation and govern over their function. The most important function is spiritual-physical reproduction within the being.

Kemetic Tantra Teaches True Self

The Profound teaching of Kemetic Tantra, and is based in all Tantra teachings is that The Self manifests itself through the creation. This is known throughout the world as “god” and “creation.” Yet, in kemetic teachings we are not talking of a god separate from creation but a god who is creation and transcendental to creation.

Every man and women is seen as an expression of and a manfestation of god. Thus the Kemetic teaching “ Gods and Goddes are immortal men and women; men and women are mortal gods.” The male and female genders are so important because they are found in every single thing within creation. Everything takes on the form and function of either the male or female gender in order to exist and be repduced again and again, except a few things within creation which take on an androgynous form and are self-duplicating.

The females function is to receive and the males function is to give. A receiver is also a giver, and must give in order to fulfill the function of their form. Thus a female who receives through intercourse must also give in the form of ejaculation. Male as giver, in order to fulfill their function, must give and be received.

If physical reproduction( giving and receiving) is not the intention then the male becomes a spiritual giver (Asar) who unites with the spiritual aspirant female( Auset ) without using the phallus and resurrects himself without ejaculating, and she bears the fruit of his awakened enlightened beingness (heru). The spiritualized female (Aset) may use a dildo in order to replicate the phallus of the male. This is a Kemetic Tantric ritual which relates to the story of Asar, Aset, and Heru. This spiritualized sex between two purified and virtuous kemetic aspirants, is the basis for kemetic tantra.


The Major Teaching of Kemetic Tantra is that when the Soul ascends through Kemetic Tantra it becomes one with the creator being, the transcendental causal realm being, attains enlightenment, and comes to know itself as and exist as an avatar of the Self.

Androgyny  of the Self


Polarity: Male and Female

All energy in existence is magnetic and polarized; it has two spectrums positive-male and negative-female energy. These do not refer to right or wrong, they refer to the active-giving male energy and the passive-receiving female energy. This is why the science of religion and yoga descibes the Creator energy as male (the giving energy) and the Creation energy as female ( the receiving energy.)

This is why people take on a male or female nature, there is no inbetween. Energy can either express as either polar end of the energy spectrum: male or female. For a person who is able to understand, the gender of a being shows its innate purpose in life.

Energy, like a magnet, can either have an attractive or repulsive quality. When energy attracts, it unites in harmony. When energy repulses in maintains duality and separateness, and perpetuates egoism and ignorance. The purpose of Tantra is to cause these polar forces to unite, instead of repulse. This means to create harmony internally and externally.

These two polar energys attract or repulse, depending on their orientation; while always remaining simultaneously as one energy opporating at different polar ends. The two polar ends always relly on one another. Tantra philosophy and practice re-orinetates and harmonizes duality, into uniting (yoga) into a state of unicity. These energys (male and female,) are not oppsites, but a two halfs of a complementary whole. Opposites do not attract, only complementarys attract to form a unified whole.

The female energy is the negative spectrum of the polar energy, and male is the positive spectrum. Positive and Negative attract one another, while the same polar regions repulse one another.  This means that for a true chemical, elemental, mental, and spiritual union to occur the polar energys must be united, instead of remaining separate.

You must realize your Male and Female Energy

Tantra is not a focus on sex or gender; yet it helps to reconcile and heal the two genders. This is important to understand:

Tantra is the understanding that the individual is a microsm of the universe. Just as there is male and female genders in the world, there is also male and female energys within every single being. The same way the female gender must learn to interact with the male gender, and vice versa in order to create oneness: We also must learn to realize and unite our male and female energy within our own essence. When we become unified whole entitys within, the genders in the world become unified as well. All beings become sisters and brothers. The inside reflects outside, not the other way around.

Relationships between men and women are not fostered by the male becoming more masculine and the female becoming more feminen; as is often erronesouly taught in modern day tantra. In reality, male and female relationships become harmonic when each individual becomes a complete, whole, and internally unified being. When a being is content within themself, than their relationships are content. If two content being come together to form a partnership, it is considered a brother sister type of relationship not predicated on expectations for stimulation but instead on mutual evolution.


Tantra cannot be practiced by an impure body that cannot handle the amount of energy which will be developed in the body and mind from sexual energy retention. Anyone who seeks to practice Tantra wholehearteldy must pursue a healthy lifestyle in all areas. The best way to do this is to be a practioner of the integral yoga system, including all the practices of yoga; especially the yoga of diet and breathe. If one is not pure, then the egoistic tendencys of the mind may be strengthend by the misdirecting of ones life-force energy. This will evolve into uncontrollable lust, greed, desire, want, covetousness, and the pursuit of sensual pleasure; in a misguided attempt to achieve tantric enlightenment, harmony, and fullfillment. Tantra is a practice of unconditioning love, inner peace, contentment, and responsibility.

“ Souls, Heru son, are of the self same nature in themselves, in that they are from one and the same place where the Creator modeled them; nor male nor female are they. Sex is a thing of bodies, not of souls.”

“ Like is HE unto that which he hath made, and which became His name.”


What a Tantra practioners should know

  1. Know that there is no such thing as duality or opposites in creation. All things are internally harmonized and unified. Know that one does not have to strive to unite duality; or to be fearful of duality. All is one whole; formed of two complimentary polaritys.

  2. In all interactions see the oneness of Self. Know that this oneness of vision, through Self-Knowledge, is the source of all union and harmony.  In the interplay of all things see that duality opporates to advanced “the Great Plan.” Realize that all creative expressions, including reproduction, arise from the same creative source of energy.

  3. Know that the Genders and Sexual Energy is merely a denser expression of the cosmic Life-Force Energys. For this reason see great sacradness in the sexual and spiritual polaritys of the Life-Force Energy.

  4. Realize that the Life- Force energy draws the consciousness with it. If the Life-Force energy is focused on the Self-realization and absolute reality, it is then the most powerful force of enlightenment by drawing the consciousness to the non-dual awareness. Know that sexual energy  through spiritual practice and ritual, opens and heals the Sefech Ba Ra or Chakra centers as well as draws the consciousness into union with ones own Higher Nature.

The Three types of tantra Recognition:

These are extremely important points that render reliance on a visualized or physical partner used for the act of “sealing” ourselves into a proper, healthy, and skillful method on the Tantra path.

“sealing” represents that union which generates a deeply blissful awarness; that acts as a circumstance for blocking coarser levels of energy and mind, and making manifest clear light mind so clear mind can generate blissful and deep awareness. only such awareness can eliminate the obstacle preventing liberation all at once and only such awareness can remove the obstacles preventing omniscience.

To rely on a sealing physical partner as a methof of practice wihtou tthese three types of discernment is a tragression of proper Tantra Practice. These three important discernments or recognitions of Tantra practice are listed below:

    1. In order to block the minds ordinary appearance-making, and apprehension of true and inerent existence, we visualize ourselves and/or our partner in the aspect of divine non-gendered souls, not as sexual gendered beings. We recognize that our own form and expression and our partners; is made to appear by a mind that is blissfully aware of its all encompassing Higher Nature.

    2. We discern our speech as the expression of clear mind, that is inseparable from the bliss and all encompassing nature of Self. This is symbolzed by the words we use to define the appearance of our sexual organs, whcih arise in a purified form and with which they are made divine or “crowned” as divine by our own recognition and affirmation by speech.

    3. We understand our mind as always being a primordial clear mind, that arises simultaneously with each moment as a blissful awareness that is inseparable from discrimination through awareness.

The redirecting of ones sexual energy is important

In Kemet that was done for men and women by:

  1. realizing their androgynous Soul consciousness
  2. arousing sexual energy for the purpose of ritual and spirituality
  3. sublimating and developing control over ejaculation in order to practice the science of higher spiritual orgasms

Sexual control is important for sexual purity practices; sexual purity relates to spiritualized sexual energy (Sekhem.) The purpose of sexual control especially ejaculation control for men, allows higher levels of spiritualized-sexual energy to grow in the body, thus forcing the awakening of a higher expression and a higher search for union which moves beyond the body. This is the process of mastering arousal, and directing the Sekhem energy to the forehead and top of the head.


What is Sekhem-Kundalini

Sekhem or Kundalini is the spiritual Life-force energy that arises within us when we unify the gendered sexual energy of the body, sublimate it, and transmutate it into spiritual Life-Force Energy ( Sekhem.) This is also the practice of regeneration using the sexual-energy (battery.) This battery, when directed to the 7th Chakra above the head ( Light Bulb) allow one to awaken and control the Sekhem and live as a god or goddes.

heru, one with higher nature heterus higher nature   yogaphilosophy13

When the Sekhem is awoken it rises to the seventh chakra like a sun. It radiates at a cosmic-planetary level which is more expansive and powerful then the energy it takes in most earthly forms (plants, animals, and people.) The cosmic-planetary Causal Realm is associated with the Sekhem energy of the Ntru, as the spiritual energy of creation which the Ntru contain within them through their lineage to the Ra (Source of Sekhem.)

Sexual energy is a less powerful form of Sekhem-spiritual energy. The human sexual energy developes in the pelvis and base of the spine ( 1-3 Chakras,) and if one releases it prematurely or has a toxic unhealthy body preventing higher state the energy does not ascend to sublime levels of mind. This is the energy level and consciousness level that many people live out their whole earthly life with.

Kemetic Process of Sekhem-Kundalini Movement

The teaching of Tantra is contained in the yogic disciplines, tantra philosophy, and energy meditations. These awaken the innate Sekhem ( divine energy that’s within all earthly beings.) When this Sekhem is awoken, mastered, and directed to the top of the head it begins to awaken the restore the spinal cord and the higher consciousness levels of the being ( 4-6 Chakras.)


When a human being uses powerful  sexual energy; it transforms their thoughts and makes many people have base fantasys and desires they do not normally have or express. Sometimes when a person is aroused they will even have thoughts and do things that they would not do when they were not aroused. The important thing to realize is that when a person activates Sekhem within themselves, through redirecting the thought and practice of sexual energy from base to spiritualized,  one becomes aroused by spiritual energy and immediately begins to have enlightened thoughts ( higher chakra centers) and ones consciousness ascends (7th chakra.)

The union of the 1-6 chakras and the 7th chakra is symbolic of the union of creation and the creator, or the initiate and god. This is the purpose and aim of Kemetic Spiritual Union and Tantra practice.

Sex Regeneration and Sex-Sublimination

Sexual regeneration is the process of “using the sexual battery” to empower the consciousness to ascend to higher experiences and thus receive a cosmic union of consciousness which is a yoga experience. This form of sex is espoused by Tantra (Spiritual Union) Yoga.

Sexual regeneration occurs through sex-sublimation, which is the process of sublimating ones ejaculation to ones higher consciousness center and to ones soul consciousness, and thus witnessing the sexual experience in an out-of-body experience in which the pressures of the body to ejaculate is relieved. This is a cleansing process for the body as well as an enlightened experience for the mind.

Sex regeneration requires an understanding of ejaculation, what the reproductive system is, what semen and female ejaculate is, and what the purpose of sex and sexual energy is in the context of reproduction and in the context of tantric practice for spiritual union individually and between the Tantra (Spiritual Union) practioners.

The image below describes the sublimation and regeneration process in simple terms. The human body is a lightbulb which is activated by energy (consciousness). In the image below an individual and a couple activate their lightbulb which allows the sexual energy to blossom into an inner light of enlightenment, self-illumination, and purification.


When sexual energy and physical orgasm (Muscle Spasm) does not take place, that energy which is so desperately seeking fulfillment and union; if it is properly guided to the Self and the level of the Soul, guides a person to experience the type of self-love that blossoms into a constant Self-Realization and Self-Mastery while at the same time being stable and consistent bliss and pleasure described as Spiritual Orgasm. This process of re-directing the sexual energy is called sexual regeneration.

There is millions of years of physical conditioning, impressions, and attachments which must unfold to allow one to live continually in absolute oneness with Self in this lifetime. The sexual-energy is consciousness, and when this energy is directed elsewhere until it finds the root of consciousness or the source of its attraction. When these two forces come together ( the male and female energys within consciousness itself), the energy begins to rise up the physical and subtle spine and lead to ultimate Self-Knowledge, higher consciousness, as well as physical and mental life, vitality, and health. This is called the creation of the Sahu ( Spiritual Body) and the awakening of the Soul from the fetters of terrestrial living.

This process is properly practiced when using partial or complete celibacy in tandum with the five aspects of Smai Tawi or Yoga. Smai Tawi of Spiritual Union or Tantra (Spiritual Union) Yoga is the most evolved system for following this path.

How To Practice Kemetic Tantra: Alone Or In A Couple

Each individual in a Tantric couple must practice the individual exercises and rituals of Tantra in order to produce a true Tantric couple. The instructions for both are given below:

Tantra Practice for Individuals

  1. Atleast practicing Purification of the body through Yoga Of Diet for the first six months without taking up the Tantra practices taught below.
  2. Strengthening of the buttocks, reproductive, and genitals. This should also be practiced along with Yoga of Postures and the stretching and healing of the hip bones, muscles, and soft-spongy tissue. Male: Muscle strengthening of buttoms and genitals through erection exercise, also certain PC exercise. Female: Yogi egg exercises, muscle flexing of the womb and genitals.
  3. When you feel ready begin to extend the period of times between ejaculation. This allows for the raising of ones life-force energy, will power, and most importantly allow organism and energy work to be differientiated from ejaculation and sexual fantasy. This practice should be undertake gradually, releasing as is comfortable for your body. When your mind is overpowered by sexual desire or you feel a pressue build up in the genitals, it may indicate a good time to release if so desired. Begin with non-ejaculation for 3-day, 7-days, 14-days; gradually transitioning to longer periods of energy-sublimation. It is important to practice genital and reproductive exercises at this time.
  4. Perform the Kemetic Individual Tantric Ritual described below once a week on a day of non-ejaculation

Kemetic Individual Tantric Ritual

Beginning with a formal kemetic ritual; including cleansing, offering, devotional love, and simple meditation. Followed By….

  1. Concentration on sexual teachings, identification with the divine, visualizing oneself as a male or female divinity. Particularly Heru or Heteru or Aset or Asar.
  2. Visualize a male or female divinity.  Particularly Heru or Heteru or Aset or Asar.
  3. Concentrate on chakras 1-3 as being your male energy. Arouse the energy and probitate it to arise as Sekhem (spiritualized sexual energy.) you may self-stimulate, dance, stretch, or in other ways arouse the energy.
  4. When your energy becomes aroused and you feel as if you may ejaculate cease stimulation


  1. Note the feelings
  2. Become aware of the energy in your body. This will immediately make it more subtle and more controllable.

Transcendental (Trance) experience

  1. Visualize the energy moving up the spine into chakras 4-6. This is your female energy.
  2. Visualize yourself as neither male or female but know yourself to be consciousness arising from the transcendental Self.
  3. You may use a mantra such as “Nuk Ntr” or another similar non-genered mantra and visualize the energy moving into your seventh chakra center and moving beyond gender and body all together.
  4. Sit in bliss with your true nature. Understanding that you are channeling your energy to your True Self and allowing your soul to wake up and ascend to its True Self. Feel the bliss and peace.
  5. When experience begins again you may repeate the practice, ejaculate if you need to, or end the practice without ejaculation.
  6. You should rest or take it easy for a bit after this practice.

Tantra Couple Tantric Ritual

The Couple Ritual should be performed by compatible and equally virtuous Kemetic Practitioners who are individually devoted to the Kemetic Yoga System or compatible systems of enlightenment. This can be decided upon by the two practitioners depending on their own nature and inclination. Warning: True Tantra allow for powerful energy to be obtained and expressed, and both individuals should be physiologically pure enough to experience such an energy safely. Both should have some degree of practice with the Yoga of Dietary Purification.

  1. Concentrate on sexual teachings, identification with the divine, visualizing one another as deitys with a divine purpose and self-realized soul.
  2. See ones partner as beautiful, divine, pure, and an enlightened soul who you are communing with.
  3. concentrate on ones true nature and ones partners true nature being the same
  4. concentrate on ones own and ones partners bodys and bodily energys in the form of auras and chakra points
  5. concentrate on your partner being a divine being, a god or goddess, and a savior
  6. Concentrate on the union of the male and female within oneself and between the two partners, and that it means the two have become an androgynous whole.


  1. Witness the experience and enjoy it
  2. Feel, hear, taste, smell, touch the experience, love the experience by loving the Self and Consciousness for materializing it.
  3. Be mindful of the sexual teachings and the metaphors as to sex representing a cosmic union and dissolution through the realization of androgyny and transcendental state.
  4. Be mindful that consciousness is experiencing intercourse mentally
  5. Understand that you are The NTR ( Transcendental Self)  , from which consciousness and bodys arise.

Transcendental (Trance) experience

  1. Sit still within one another or separate, prior to orgasm
  2. Allow the mind to drift into the transcendental realm by remaining silent and remaining still. This allows the sexual energy in the body to rise up the subtle spine to the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras and ones consciousness expands in the process.
  3. This practice of making love and building energy and then embracing and visualizing the energy moving from the pelvis to the crown of the head, can be repeated multiple times according to the ability of the two intimate partners.
  4. These sexual peaks prior to ejaculation (physical spasms in male or females) are called orgasms.
  5. At the end of this practice the two sexual partners can reach ejaculation-climax together if unnable to resist, or sublimate the sexual energy through non-ejaculation attain increasingly higher states of consciousness.


Sex as an evolver of consciousness

Sexual energy is used to evolve the consciousness of the human by taking it through various experiences until it arrives at Self-Realization and Self-Mastery. This occurs through painful and pleasure duality is sexuality eventually merging into tantric sex which is non-dualistic. This represents as self-love, self-affection, self-insight, self-definition, etc.

Different people have to go through different human experiences and its normal that opposites attract instinctually meaning male and females instinctually attract and begin with base sex, evolve to higher levels of sex, and finally arrive at a self-mastered mindset not swayed by social norms, or physical desires. This is also the reason why people have chaotic relationships and entanglements which force growth mind as well as people have harmonious uplifting entanglements which force growth of mind.

teachings of human sexuality through human and animal symbolism

Ancient cultures used animals symbolism to discuss sexuality because the sexual energy, reproductive organs, etc were known to be the conduits of creation itself. What this means is that the same energy used to support the universe is the same energy used to support human sexual expression through sexual energy. Cosmic energy and sexual energy are one, as well as spiritual energy and physical energy are one. Opporating on different levels of vibrations, or what could be considered other realms of reality that are all using the same characters( people, objects) and the same expression ( experiences through the senses). For this reason the animal symbolism in ancient kemet when used in connection with human imagery, refers to the animal( lower vibratory instinctual human sexual expression) and human( higher vibration, transcendental mind, divine being state, non gendered non sexual, pure cosmic energy) realms of existence.

The supreme creator divinity ( Amun, ra, Ptah, nebertjer) expresses itself through self-reproduction, the basis for immaculate conception, and brings forth the ntru or the gods and goddess which manifest as and sustain creation on all levels. The ntru are taught about through human and animal symbolism to show the enlightened soul state and the instinctual human state, respectfully.


Sex is never to be blamed: demonization of sex

In modern world religions and in conservative social settings sex is demonized as a sin, terrible thing, etc. this is due to an I balance inthe human intellect. Ex can be a civilization builder or destroyer, this slander of sex and sexuality is based on an excessive focus on the destruction aspects of sex and an ignorance to the healthy, bonding, and pairing forms of sexual expression.

these settings dont teach the retention of ejaculation or the proper pairing-bonding practices, and for this reason they exclude all together pairing-bonding as a sexual act. This form of sexual Ed speaks only of reproduction and excludes all other expressions of sex as viable.

Unenlightened people believe that sex is to be ignored as much as possible, but one is conditioned to desires sex as a social goal. Thus, social goals begin to invade ones private life, and sex is now considered something one should be having and pursuing in their private life. This creates a hectic mind because one is not supposed to tell about their sexual acts, but their sexual experience is supposed to show through their characteristics and behavior. This becomes an uncontrolled and base expression of human sexuality and it begins to invade all areas of non-reproductive sex in that socieity, even making non-reproductive sex a part of the media, social conversation, etc. this is when sexual desire overtakes the transcendental human mind and people begin to seek their own downfall, this is what occurs when sexuality is used for destruction.

Unenlightened people believe that sex should be hidden and that it is only accessible between paired or mated people. The reality is that humans in our animal nature madturbate, co-masturbate, pair-bond sexually, and have intercourse-mate sexually. Sexuality encompasses our whole sensual experience as human beings and this is why sensuality and sexuality are so often used similarly because without the senses one enters into the state of soul or cosmic mind, the non-gendered state of cosmic energy, a higher vibration.

Sex is nothing more then a biological and reproductive tool of a species, a form of communication and interaction. Many people blame sex and the different forms and actions of sex, the hormonal drive, and all other aspects of sex, for failed. Relationships, for abuse, for a lack of affection and love, etc. for example someone may say ” I don’t want to have sex so I don’t meet anyone who loves me without having sex.”, someone else may say ” I was sexually anused as a child”, someone else may say ” I had sex with lots of people and never found true love.” In all these instances sex was equated with finding love or being abused.

Sex is never actually to be blame. What is too be blamed is the individuals involved. Wen someone sexually abuses a child the problem is the sexual abuser first and foremost, not the means by which they abused which was sex. A person who is not interested in sex and thus does not find relationship amongst the people around them, its the person seeking the relationship and the people they are interested in, which is the problem. And finally a person who is highly permiscuous but never finds a loving relationship, in this is tuition also its the person who is having lots of sex and the people they are having sex with that are the problem.

When it comes to genital and reproductive health, std’s, etc the problem is not sex but the human beings having sex.

From this we have to realize that sex, sexual expression, etc is normal. It’s normal not only in the human species but in most other earthly species. What is not normal is a person who feels they can have sex without permission from the other person(abuse), a person who equates sex with love, and a person who equates finding a relationship with having sex with people.

The mentality change that people need to make is that sex is a biologically driven instinctual aspect of human life. No human being truly decides to go through puberty and reach sexual maturity and have the hormones and instinctually drives for sex. This is something which is directly connected to our bodily or ego state.

Sex is directly connected to the finite state of the body and in order to reproduce itself it must have sex and create new human bodies before it passes away. The soul and consciousness of the being are infinite and sexless, gender less, etc.

This is why spiritually realized being do not require sex, spiritual relationships do not require sex, and true love does not require sex. When a person becomes spiritually realized they. Develop the self awareness to control the use of their sexual energy and its expression, th is occurs by clearly seeing ones sexual(body) and non-sexual nature(soul)

For beings that are only aware of their bodily state they are enjoined by their own consciousness to pursue sex and sexual relationships, through hormones, sexual instincts, etc.

What is the problem? So many people to through pain and suffering which seems to be connected to sex. This can mean past memory’s of abuse, bad relationships, broken heart from past relationship, and general depression from memory’s of the highs of sexual interest or the “puppy love” stage and ones current state of unhappiness. When a person is currently unhappy they will look back on memory’s with an overemphasis on the. “Joy” present in them. For example, a person who is. Currently unhappy will look back. On a situation of abuse and reason that it caused their present problems. A person who. S currently unhappy will look back on having sex with a lot of people and how they are currently not in a relationship. A person who who is currently unhappy will look back on memory’s of bein rejected because one is not promiscuous or won’t “put out”. In these reasonings people look back in sex as a causal issue and a problem, when really the real problems is ones current unhappiness and the baseless and unhappiness of those individual Al’s in the past. One was seeking happiness through sexually abusing someone, another was seeking happiness through promiscuity , and another was seeking happiness in a intimate relationship.Thus, sex is never. To be blame for a problem. The problem is always the current state of unhappiness and the degrading ideals and behaviors of people due to unhappiness.

Sexuality as an entanglement and sexual addiction

Sexuality and human sexual expression is a force of mental-spiritual development that occurs through its main action which is human interaction-unions and social communal human development. In this way sex Always acts as an entanglement and a fetter. It entangles one to responsibilitys, experiences, and most important to people and their consciousness levels. Sexual energy, as was said is a grower or estrogen. It’s very important how one opporates sexually and one must reflect on the sexual teachings and actions of ones own culture and decide if you will agree with it.

In ancient Africa it has been said that a women would have 5-9 intimate relationships that were almost always 5 years or more long each. African men and women could also date into old age because human relationships were seen as separate from everyday human sexual expression, thus an elder did not have to be sexual virile to be able to engage in relationships and pair-bonding acts.

One should not seek to have many sexual partner in their lifetime because this increases ones entanglements physically and mentally. Wether children came about through the relationship or not, two entangled individuals are connected and this can be for good or bad in ones life. One should always choose spiritual and pure partners.

A person may have 0 or have only a few sexual entanglements and then realize their imperminance and through absorption into self transcend the interest in creating more sexual entanglements in their physical life. This is understood to act as a booster unto higher realms of existence after death as well, a wise one is said to renounce the senses before death.

Destructive sexual practices that lead to suffering

  • lack of cultural tantric narrative in ones courting, relations, and partnerships
  • controlling ones own or partners feelings, thoughts, and actions
  • a lack of open and honest communication


Buy Sacred Sexuality: Egyptian Tantric Yoga by Muata Ashby. This is a profound book that goes more into depth into the science of Kundalini and Tantra.


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